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BoldFace Productions offer tailor made film production courses for young people aged 14-25 years old. We work with charities, community groups, not-for-profits, schools and colleges.

Case Study

A two-month pilot programme was designed to show how positive change and real impact can be achieved by working closely with communities in need of additional support.  It was delivered in partnership with the volunteer-led Leyton Community Action Group and the London Borough of Waltham Forest. 

The programme involved training young people - those in school as well as those not in education or training - in film production.  It covered all aspects of filmmaking, including storyboarding, voiceovers, vox pops, camera skills and editing.  The young people were then encouraged to teach other members of their community.  These included a seniors group, a disability group, an under-16s group, as well as the LCA themselves.

Following the programme, the young people benefited from improved life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. The training - for example, the storyboarding, scripting, timekeeping, budget and project management, and technical and production skills - also improved the young peoples employability.  Community partnerships were strengthened by peer-to-peer training, and the sharing of best practise, issues and ideas resulted in greater community cohesion.  In turn, residents benefited from increased decision making involvement and active citizenship.  In evaluating the programme, we have been able to develop a blueprint for working with communities, which can now be rolled out to others.

Leyton Community Partnership Promo
BoldFace Productions worked in partnership with Leyton Community Action to produce a series of short films with the local community.
What Now?
Young people are often dismissed by members of their own community. This film appeals for more activities to be made available to young people, to give them a positive focus in their lives
2 Choices
Out of money, Adam has two choices; get a job or deal drugs. Which route will he take? What will make him happy?

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