A Guide to Making Your Own Film



1. Decide on a theme / topic for your film

All films tell a story of some kind. What's your film's story? Make sure your film's story and message is clear and that it has a beginning, middle and end. Download a guide to styles of film-making.

2. Thorough research

Decide what your story is, where you're filming, and who your contributors will be - who will you interview?

3. Storyboards

Think of the storyboard as a comic strip. It's a template for your film. Download a story board and shot list template.

4. Examples of shots used when filming

 Download some examples.

5. The legal stuff

You may need permission to film at your desired location, you will need permission to film actors or interviewees and you will need a license for any music used.  Download more information and sample release forms.

6. Health and Safety

Think about the dangers that your shoot might involve and work to manage or eliminate them. A risk assessment of your production is essential. Download a blank risk assessment form.

Download some more tips for pre-production


1. Don't overshootTo avoid this plan your shots carefully. Download examples of camera angles to create different moods.

2. Lighting

If we can't see it we won't watch it!

3. Sound

If we can't hear it we won't watch it!

4. Don't be afraid to stop.

If the sound isn't right or something is going wrong with the shot don't be afraid to stop.

5. It's all about teamwork

Working well as a team is essential. Diva doesn't work!


1. Editing

It is useful to have your story board and shot list for this process. Download a step by step guide to imovie. Download a basic guide to Final Cut Pro

2. Distribution.

Film competitions, organising a screening, uploading to YouTube, vimeo etc are all ways to get your film seen.

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