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Our largest programme so far was funded by vinspired and the Rank Foundation, it took place over 6 months. This training programme was designed to create a pool of volunteers skilled in film-making. Their role was to make films about issues that metter to them and their communities. Once the films were made they devised a Community Action Plan that mapped out how the film was going to make a positive change.

During this time we worked with 1000 young people across England. Our feedback illustrates the success of our work:

  • 100% of partner organisations said that we had improved the communication, leadership, team working and film making skills of their young people
  • 79% of adults felt more confident that young people could make a positive change in their communities after they had attended our film screenings.
  • 83% of young people now believe that film can make a positive chang
  • 75% of our partner organisations had used the films to create dialogue within their communities between young people and community leaders/police/religious groups/politicians
  • 72% of young people said they were now going to do positive things for their community
  • 71% of young people said they were now more interested in making films to help others
  • 65% of groups completed community action plans that mapped out activities to create solutions to their issues and all of them are pursuing these post training.

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